• Competition date: November 1, 2017
  • Location: NTU Sports Center (No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei City, Taiwan)

Registration Criteria :


No. of Teams

No. of Member/Team

Students in F&B, tourism, or leisure management departments at vocational high school level or above
  1. Please register team using the name of school and department
  2. Max. 2 teams/school department
  3. Must attach a copy of “participation certificate”
182 teams 4 members/team

Competition Rules:

Tray Carrying Technique

Reference Illustration

Notes on Posture

Carrying on the waist
  1. Contestant’s palm should be open, finding the tray’s center of gravity.
  2. When glasses, etc, are too heavy, the contestant allow to use his/her elbow for support.
  3. Tray height should be just above contestant’s waist. Contestant’s arm should be bent at a 90-degree angle.
  4. Contestant’s arms should cling to body and maintain his/her balance. No swaying.
※First round: 12 outstanding teams will be chosen to compete in the final round.
※Each of the 12 teams will be replaced by the next-highest once unable to join the final round who forfeit will be replaced by contestants with the next-highest score.

Contest Sessions :

Wowprime will draw lots to determine the contest session and announce it on the website before October 27th.

Competition Procedure :

  • Contestants wait in “standby area.”
  • Competition begins with the firing of judges’ starting guns.
  • Contestants pick up trays and orders at the “pick-up table,” filling the trays according to the order (including pouring water, picking up glasses, carrying tray, etc.).
  • While carrying the tray, contestants must pass the turnaround line, then turn around and walk to the “put-down table” (the trip out and return = 50m; out on the right, and return on the right).
  • All items on the trays must be placed in the correct position on the “put-down table” as indicated on the order (note location of “put-down table” in the diagram).
  • When all steps have been completed, the contestant should press the buzzer/bell, whereupon the team’s 2nd contestant sets off (The 1st contestant should return to the “standby area”).
  • The 2nd to 4th contestants repeat steps 3-6.
  • When the 4th contestant presses the buzzer/bell and crosses the finish line, time will stop. Points will be awarded according to the scoring criteria. The 4 team members’ individual scores will be combined to score.

Diagram of Contest Course :

Competition Events :

Competition First Round Final Round
Tray form 16-inch round tray
Order Order ×1
  1. Bottle of beer (650ml) ×1+ Beer glass (empty) ×1
  2. Bottle of mineral water (500ml) × 1+ Water glass (empty) ×1
  3. Tall water glass ×2 (filled to 70%=280ml)
Order X 1
  1. Tall water glasses ×2
  2. Light meal utensils ×2 sets (including butter knife, dinner knife and dinner fork)
  3. Bread and butter plates ×2
  4. [Return Trip] Utensils and tall water glasses ×2 (each filled to 70%=280ml)
Route 50m (Obstacle route included) 50m (Obstacle route included))
Contest rule  

Outbound Trip:

  1. Deliver the utensils and water glasses to the designated seats and set the table in accordance with international etiquette.
  2. Perform tableside service for pouring water.
  3. Return Trip: Retrieve the water glasses and utensils on the table in sequence.